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Pristine Carpet Cleaning & More is a locally owned and operated service that offers top of the line solutions to local communities. We strive to help businesses and residents keep their workplaces and homes in a clean and Pristine condition!

Our sales and management team has 20+ years of experience in upper administrative development. Mike & Debbie have been everything from operation, facility, sales, customer service, and marketing managers.

We have been trained in this field of work while in Washington D.C to be certified nationwide. Through our various work experiences, we concluded to become leaders in The Flathead Valley! We are The Pristine Carpet Cleaners!


The Strongest
Most Dependable
And Efficient
Carpet Cleaning Company
In The Flathead Valley

Family Owned and Operated

We are proud to say we use highly trained technicians, the best equipment on the market, and non-toxic cleaning products. You can now be sure to get the best service experience you have ever had. Every one loves a freshly cleaned carpet; business and home owners alike.

No matter the color, the style, the size, or type, we will meet your carpet cleaning needs.
    All of our cleaners and solutions are ecologically safe for children, pets and earth.
Pristine Carpet Cleaning & More uses non-toxic agents that will leave your home smelling great and your floors looking immaculate! We are using the best equipment that's on the market. We are perfectionists that will go above and beyond to make sure a client is satisfied

Precise and durable techniques Using the drive of growing a business from the FLOOR up, Pristine Carpet Cleaning & More boasts strong years of experience in the Flathead Valley of MT! We cover Whitefish, Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Browning, Eureka, Rainbow Valley, Evergreen, Somers, Big Fork, and surrounding areas upon request.
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This Investment in your home's cleanliness presents a care and core foundation to grow as the valuation of your property rises.

PCC Services

We Leave Your Carpets
Clean & Pristine

Carpet Cleaning

A comfortable home / working environment is quintessential when progressing your business. Your presentation gives guests an idea about how serious you take your business and/or home. If you have carpets that need attention, your guests will also pay attention to that level of cleanliness. These factors depict what guests will expect from your offerings.

Pristine Carpet Cleaners are available to jump start your first impression to be the best one. The ground visitors walk on tells them how appreciated they are when entering your place of residence/ business. Pristine Carpet Cleaner wants to leave all your clients and guests with an experience they will never forget!


The right combination of comfort and cleanliness will result in guests being open to proceeding with development of their interactions with you. We see couches, chairs, and all other upholstery as open invitations to bring people to your location. Without those furnishing options, guests may not feel as welcomed.

Pristine Carpet Cleaners wants yours guests to make themselves comfortable when visiting your home or business. This places them in a position to be more open to advancement in their placement field. Whether it is a business or residence, we want all your visitors to feel as though your location is at the highest tier of cleanliness.

Furniture makes a rooms when you enter it, those items of decoration must be clean to allow visitors to fully appreciate their experience. That is, the experience your idea/business creates! Pristine Carpet Cleaners wants the experience you are manifesting to be appreciated. Both businesses and homes will benefit from the services we offer.

Tile / Grout

Tile and grout care is often an overlooked subject, we at Pristine Carpet Cleaners want to change that! We see those easily missed ground areas as opportunities to clean and show off. Having a business / residence with a clean environment reminds visitors how seriously you chose to care for yourself and them !

Pristine Carpet Cleaners uses special heads for our machines which adjust according to the material we are treating. Our technicians are trained to know which heads will fit best as they move through your home. The tile/grout area will be approached accordingly along with the long-term care of the treated area. We will make sure to inform you fully as to what you need to do to keep your floor looking good as new!

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Our focus is on quality work, professional service, and state-of-the-art equipment. We offer services beyond the above listed including : Stairs, Car Upholstery, Bedding, and other household items.

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