Carpet Upholstery Long Term Care
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Thank you for allowing Pristine Carpet Cleaning and More the privilege of serving you. congratulations on your intelligent choice to protect your carpet with the most up to date carpet protectors.While we at Pristine Carpet Cleaning use Maxim Advanced as the most technologically advanced carpet and upholstery protector on the market today, it does not make your fabrics are “bullet proof”. Following these easy care and maintenance steps will provide you with incredible soil and stain resistance to protect and prolong the enjoyment.

-Respond to every spot or spill as rapidly as possible, blot up liquid spills with a colorfast, absorbent towel or cloth.

-Spills of viscous materials, such as gravy or ice cream , should be carefully scraped up with a spoon or the dull edge of a knife

-For best results your carpet and upholstery protection, please allow 24 hours of cure time prior to allowing full usage of the furniture.

-Your carpet may have been protected by the installation of clean tabs underneath the legs of wooden furniture. Please do not remove these tabs or blocks until your carpet is completely dry.

-Don't allow anyone to sit on your furniture until it is completely dry, usually within 1 to 4 hours.

-Please refrain for subjecting your carpet to extreme traffic safe until the carpet is completely dry. This usually will occur within two to twelve hours.

-Children and pets should be kept off freshly cleaned carpets for 2-6 hours or until dry after cleaning.

-Never apply a store bought spotting agent to your treated carpet without the direction of you professional cleaner.

-Remove as much of the spilled material as possible before applying spotting solution.

Carpet Care

Not all carpet protectors equal. Neither are the company applying them . We choose to apply Maxim™ Advanced Protector because it restores the same kind of protection your carpet had when it was new. Not only that, it employs the very latest technology demonstrated to be safe for the environment and your family.When you purchase your carpet they may have told you that the stain protection was permanently built in. Pristine Carpet Cleaning and More will help olefin and polyester carpet actually resist oil based soiling and enhances their stain resistant properties. Pristine Carpet Cleaning and More's products are safe and effective when applied to all man-made carpet fibers (nylon, olefin, and polyester) and to carpet constructed with wool fibers.

We take extra steps to assure you receive the highest quality application available. We follow manufacture recommended application rates to the exact letter. We groom the carpet with a professional grooming tool to ensure proper product distribution and to leave your carpet looking great. Finally, we provide you with a certification of application you can keep for your documentation that you are complying with the provisions of the manufacturer's warranty.

Pristine Carpet Cleaning and More will give you the highest level of carpet protection available today. We can keep your carpets looking showroom fresh. Treated carpets are safe for kids and grandkids to play on. Our carpet protectors will help your carpet stay cleaner and stain free longer. Each time your carpet is professionally cleaned, it prolongs the life and your enjoyment of this valuable investment.

If you leave your carpets unprotected they are more vulnerable to:

-Permanent stains

-Worn looking traffic areas

-Spills that won't clean up easily

-Soil that clings to the carpet

-Age and everyday foot traffic

-Harmful cleaning and spotting agents

-Deodorizing and disinfecting sprays

-Ozone and other pollutants

Carpet Vacuuming
Vacuum your carpet often - once or twice a week at least. Consistent removal of airborne or tracked in soils will keep them from being ground into the the fiber surface. Vacuum before the carpet looks soiled.

Periodic Professional Cleaning
Having your carpets treated with Maxim Advanced does not mean that a build up of general soiling will not eventually occur. Overall cleaning is an important step in helping keep your carpet in top condition. Most carpet manufacturer warranties require periodic professional cleaning as a provision of your carpet warrant. Proper professional cleaning will not leave a sticky residue behind and can be done as often as needed.

Upholstery Care

Upholstery fabrics are subjected to a higher concentration of particular types of soling - food and beverage spills, body oils, pet hair, atmospheric cooking oils, lotions, and more. Bt its very nature, upholstery fabric is thinner and susceptible to texture damage from particulate and oil base soils. Periodic professional cleaning will extend the useful life of the fabric, and provide your family with a healthier home to truly live in .

Protecting your upholstery with Pristine Carpet Cleaning and More makes spills easier to clean up, prevents soils from becoming deeply embedded into the fabir, and protects against a build up of oil based soling. Not only does a fabric protection treatment create a barrier against stains and spills, it has been shown to provide a barrier against the dirt and dust particles and cause abrasion and premature fabric wear.

All upholstered furniture becomes soiled with use. Most spills and soil on protected upholstery clean easily and quickly provided you follow the proper procedures. A fabric protection application is not an absolute impenetrable barrier and improper cleaning methods can damage both the fabric and the treatment.

If you want your upholstery to last the longest:

-Rotate and reverse all loose cushions frequently assure even wear

-Thoroughly vacuum dust and dirt from all fabrics, cracks,and crevices on periodic bases. -Vacuum often to reduce grit that can cause abrasion.

-Protect from the sun. ultraviolet light can cause abrasion.

-Keep pets off of furniture as much as possible. Pets’ body oils rub off onto upholstery and are very difficult to remove.

-Use caution with clothing such as blue jeans. Fabric dye can transfer onto upholstery.

-Inks from newsprint can transfer to upholstery.

-Shoe polish gets onto upholstery very easily.

Service Results

-Protect against children's accidents. No more unsightly spots and spills that won't clean up

-No more panic over guests tracking in soil or spilling their drink

-Your carpet investment will look great until you are ready for a change, rather than replacing it prematurely because of soiling, wear , and stains.

-Makes spot and spills clean-up easy and painless. Leaving your carpet clean, bright, and fresh.

-It reduces carpet wear and abrasion, especially in high traffic areas.Traffic lanes will stay looking like the other carpet

-Makes subsequent vacuuming faster, easier, and more efficient.Allows more time to clean up sites and spills, this reduces the likelihood of a permanent stain.

-Protects against almost anything you can eat, drink, or track in.

-Restores “like new” protection: just as if it came from the carpet mill; not just surface protection.

-Oil resistant: tracked in oil, cosmetics, or spills, don't stick and are easily cleaned off the carpet.

-Deep penetrating stain resistance: Maxim™ Advanced preventative staining from food dyes as those found in children's red fruit drinks.

-Resists and repels dry soil: grit from these soils can work like sandpaper to make the fibers look dull and worn.

Spot Removal

Apply the spotter supplied by your cleaning professional sparingly to white terry cloth and gently massage the spot in an up and down motion casing it to transfer into the cloth. Heavy spots of soil may require direct application of the spotter to the soil. Work from the outside of the spot toward the center. Aggressive running or scrubbing of the carpet can damage the texture and construction of your carpet fibers and may invalidate your warrant protection.

Repeat the above step until the spot it is gone. If the spot does not fully respond to this spotting technique, contact your cleaning professional for further instructions. If a large amount of liquid was spilled, consider placing a white cotton towel over the spot, and place a colorfast heavy object on top of the towl. This will aid in drying and absorb the remaining moisture